Venture Crewman 12
Sailor 18 Mathew
Vital statistics
Age 30s
Status Deceased
Physical attributes

This individual was part of the crew of the S.S. Venture on the expedition to Skull Island in 1933.


Voyage to Skull IslandEdit

This sailor was one of the crewman hired by Carl Denham to go on an expedition to Singapore(never telling them they were actually going to Skull Island). In which Jimmy over heard Denham and Jack Driscoil saying where they were actually going. He is first seen where Lumpy accidentally put Porridge on him, thinking it was shaving cream. Unlike the crew who didn't Denham, he is one of the sailors who trust him and went to explore Skull Island. When being attacked by Skull islanders, he was clubbed to death by natives and sacrifice himself to save his friends. He is later avenged when Captain Englehorn came to the rescue, shot and killed the native before he can crush Denham's Skull. He is the second member of the expedition to died.


When Denham presented Kong on Broadway in New York, he dedicated the show to the sailor along with the other members of the party who were killed in the expedition.

Behind the scenesEdit