Venture Crewman 14
Sailor 21
Vital statistics
Position Stoker
Age 30s
Status Living
Physical attributes

This individual was part of the crew of the S.S. Venture on the expedition to Skull Island in 1933.


Voyage to Skull IslandEdit

He served as the Engineer and Stoker of the SS Venture, he is along the crewman that were hired by Carl Denham to go on an expedition to Singapore(not knowing they were actually heading to Skull Island). Though the journey to Skull Island, he always seen putting coal in the ship's engine to keep it running. In which Jimmy heard Denham and Jack Driscoil saying where they were really going on. He is along the sailors watching Ann Darrow and Jimmy much to their enjoyment. He is along with the Crew throwing most of the cargo overboard to get the Venture free. He's along the crew who stay by the wall withCaptain Englehorn to await the Rescue's team return while settling out to rescue Ann. After Kong broke, he is seen in a lifeboat along with Venture Crewman 19 the Helsman, Venture Crewman II, and Venture Crewman 11 in which Ann, Preston, Bruce Baxter, and Captain Englehorn got in also. He is one of the known sailors to survived the expedition.

Behind the scenesEdit